Our Faith

Beacon United Church is part of the United Church of Canadaunited-church.ca.

The United Church of Canada is held together by a common vision rather than a rigid doctrinal adherence. We recognize that there is room for interpretation when it comes to theology and doctrine. But here are some core beliefs shared by our congregation.

The Bible is central to the United Church. As a source of wisdom, direction, personal prayer and devotion, we believe that the Bible can bring us closer to God. Through the Bible we are empowered to experience God’s continuing work of creation and liberation in the world and offers direction and guidance to help us find and follow our own call to live in right relationship with God and with one another.

Communion: Within Beacon United Church, the sharing of Communion, the Eucharist or the Lord’s Supper is always an open and inclusive invitation for all those who seek to strengthen their relationship with the Devine through remembering, celebrating and reaffirming their relationship wit Christ.

Baptism: In the United Church of Canada, along with Communion, baptism is one of two recognized sacraments. In baptism a child or adult is officially welcomed and recognized as being a part of the Christian community. We offer baptism to all ages believing that the gift of God’s love does not depend on our ability to understand or explain it. With children, instruction is given to parents to equip them for the child’s Christian nurture. During baptism, the congregation vows support for the individual or child and family.

Inclusion: We share Jesus’ passion for inclusion. We welcome all people who are seeking to find a deeper connection with the Divine. We embrace and celebrate the diversity that comes to us through culture, abilities, socioeconomic reality, sexuality, language and so much more.

Social Justice: The United Church of Canada has always had a strong Commitment to and passion for Social Justice. Beacon United fully embraces this tradition with a strong focus on Social, economic, and environmental issues. We believe that as a Christian community we are called to the difficult work of living out the vision of justice and unconditional love we see though Christ