Our Staff

Reverend Sharon Lohnes


Rev. Sharon, a graduate of Queen’s Theological College in Kingston Ontario, joined our Beacon Family in the summer of 2013 after serving in ministry for 10 years in Rural Ontario. Her love of the sea and her passion for making sure that “Church” is not simply something that happens once a week on Sunday morning is what drew her to Beacon. One of Sharon’s greatest passions in helping people discover where God’s call intersects with their own gifts, talents and interests offering them the chance to discover their own passion. Sharon enjoys drama, music, crafts, reading and exploring different forms of Spirituality. Sharon is also a certified Spiritual Director.

Nancy Hood, Music Director

Nancy Longard Hood Grew up in Halifax, NS. She attended Halifax Ladies College and Dalhousie University. Nancy studied piano with Lois N Burns and Margaret McCurdy of Halifax. She also studied under James Reistrom in Washington D.C. for some time Nacy worked as a Chemist both for The steel company of Canada in NS and the Nova Scotia Research Foundation. Nancy continued her love of music and studied flute in Truro and Halifax. having married John Hood of Yarmouth NS, Nancy moved to the area in 1972. Her love of music continued, as she joined the Yarmouth Citizens Concert Band and began teaching piano and flute. In 1995 she kept up her musical interests and studied Celtic Harp in Baddeck, NS. In 2003 Nancy took over the position of Organist and Musical Director here at Beacon United Church. Nancy continues to hold this position.

Shelley Melanson, Volunteer

Communications Coordinator & Coordinator of Community Meals

Shelley is from “up the line”, and has lived in many parts of Canada working in policing, and counselling. Upon her return to Yarmouth County, she continued her work as a youth counsellor, before having to leave the workforce due to longterm illness. Shelley is now an integral part of the Beacon United Church team in her work coordinating church communications and community events, particularly the free monthly community meals. Shelley’s upbringing in a large, food-loving, Acadian family has prepared her well for the many challenges in making her vision of a regular community supper into a reality. She now leads a team of dedicated volunteers to serve up a delicious meal each month.


Marilee, Office Administrator

Paul Cromwell – Caretaker