Apr 25 – Worship Service – Easter 4
April 25, 2021
May 2 – Zoom Worship Service – Easter 5
May 2, 2021

Message from our Minister

     Rev Lohnes     

Despite the snow that is covering the ground as I write this, we know that Spring is on the way.  As we begin to plan for Lent and Easter, we are reminded that new life exists all around us, even if we cannot see it.  Just as the bulbs buried deep under the snow are beginning to stir in anticipation of the warmth to come, our church is beginning to prepare ourselves for the time of preparation, self-examination and contemplation that is the Season of Lent.

Yet we know, that even as we prepare for the difficult journey through Lent that leads to the cross, we also prepare for the hope and joy that await beyond.  Just as the bulbs prepare to burst forth into flower with the promise of spring, we prepare though this season of Lent for the promise of resurrection.

May you be blessed in this season with the hope that Eater promises and the assurance that in all things, you are never alone.

                                                                God bless  Rev Sharon                                                                                      





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