Current Events

March & April

Prayers: Donna Hamilton at home. In hospital, Walter Boudreau & John Higby. Please consider all unspoken prayers and names in our prayer jar.

Our sympathies are expressed to the family of Rev. Ray Francis who passed away Tuesday.  Rev. Francis was minister at Beacon from 1968-1974.  His funeral was held Saturday in Kentville.


Don’t forget to fill in your M&S Lenten Calendar


Annual Report: If you have not picked up your 2017 Annual Reports please do so.  Our today Annual Congregational Meeting will follow our service today.


Stewardship meeting on Sunday March 11th following service in room 25/27.


Yard Sale:  On Friday, March 16, (March break), we will be having a work day at Beacon.  We will be sorting all of the items in the yard sale/auction room.  We will begin at 10 am and continue until we are finished.  We will also be setting up tables at this time for a yard sale the following day, Saturday, March 17.  This will be a Beacon only yard sale.  The more hands we have helping, the less time it will take.  Lunch will be provided for all those who come to help out.


Easter Meditations: Once again this year we will be offering a day of meditations on “Holy Saturday”, the day before Easter.  This year “Holy Saturday” falls on March 31st.  If you have a special activity or form of meditation that helps you connect with the Divine and you would be willing to share that, please speak to Rev. Sharon.


First Aid/Cpr: Beacon is considering having a First Aid/Cpr course. We need at least 15 people to qualify for the course. So, before we try to go ahead with this we would like to know how many people would be interested in taking the course. For more information or those who are interested please contact Shelley in the office 742-4320 or Rev Sharon @ 742-5051.


Event Coordinators:  At our Ways & Means meeting this past week we decided to hold a New Year’s Eve Dance again this year.  We are looking for someone who is willing to take on the task of coordinating the planning of this event.  That person would be responsible for finding people to help set up, decorate, man the canteen, organize the meal, find people to take tickets at the door, and organize promotions.  Because this is the second year for this event, there will be a list available of the tasks that need to be done and those who took part last year.  Don’t worry, lots of help will be available! We hope in the future to have events coordinators for all events that happen at Beacon, so please consider volunteering to help organize one event during this coming year. 


Becoming an Affirming Church:  At our Council Meeting last week, it was agreed that a group be organized to begin exploring the United Church of Canada’s Affirm Process.  This will be an opportunity to examine how Beacon welcomes ALL people and how we can improve.  This group will work through resources provided, develop questionnaires to gather congregational feedback, and eventually make a recommendation to the congregation of Beacon United regarding becoming an official Affirming Church.  If this is something that you would be interested in taking part in, please speak to Rev. Sharon.


Talents and Treasures Auction: Time to think of what you might be able to contribute to this year’s Talents and Treasures Auction coming up on April 7th. Next week there will be pledge cards in the bulletin. What God given talent or treasure could you donate to the auction to help sustain this church? Questions?  Stephen Sollows Phone 902 742 6252


The new Upper Room devotional books are now in.  Did you know that the Upper Room is a non-profit organization?  Did you know that for over 80 years The Upper Room has been providing daily devotional readings in more than 30 languages to more than 100 countries around the world?  Did you know that many of these books are taken to the hospital and nursing homes by members of our Pastoral Visitation Team?  Did you know that a donation of $2 per book covers the cost that Beacon pays to have these magazines available to you but that there is no direct cost to anyone who wants a copy?  Why not consider picking up a copy for yourself?  If you can afford it, why not consider dropping an extra “toonie” into the donation box to cover the cost of those Upper Room Devotionals that are distributed on your behalf by our Pastoral Visitation Team?


Food Bank: The first Sunday in every month is Food Bank Sunday. Please bring in your non-perishable goods and leave them in the food basket in the Narthex.
Items needed: canned meat, peanut butter, jam, cereals, canned fruit, cheese whiz, toiletries such as tooth paste and tooth brushes.
Monetary donations are also accepted (mark "Food Bank" on your offering envelope).

Calls for Volunteers:

Floor Plans: The Stewardship Team is looking for a volunteer who would be able to draw out a floor plan of our existing building. The drawing will be used to identify exits, fire extinguishers and fire pull stations. Blueprints are available. Can you help? Call Stephen Sollows 902 742 6252.

Food Bank Liaison: This person would be responsible for promoting donations to the Food Bank, keeping in touch with the Food Bank to inform the congregation of any special needs or promotions, arranging for food to be picked up or delivered to the Food Bank. If the Food Bank is something that you feel passionate about, why not consider volunteering? Please speak to Rev. Sharon, Irene White or Janet Sollows.

Opening and Closing Stewards, Sunday Morning Shepherds: We are in serious need of more people to volunteer to be opening and closing stewards for our church. At the moment the only person taking on this responsibility is Stephen Sollows. The main duty of the Steward is to set up the chapel and the Parlour on Sunday morning before 10:30 am, and to put chairs away following the service. You would also lock up doors following the Sunday morning worship. You can volunteer to be both opening and closing Steward or to cover one of these positions. Sunday Morning Shepherds to share some of the additional tasks such as setting up the PA and PowerPoint systems, insuring Christ Candle, lighters, offering plates, etc. are in place, and generally checking to make sure the worship space is prepared. If you can help with any of these jobs, please speak to Rev. Sharon or Stephen Sollows.

Please note that Sunday morning worship will be held in the Chapel for the winter months.