Beacon United Church

Description of Donation Categories

Bequest - People can leave money or personal property to assist with the continuing work of the Church in their will. Money Can be designated for a specific purpose or for general use.

Broadcast - Four times a year Beacon does CJLS broadcast. The cost of each broadcast is $100.00. These Broadcasts are done in memory or honor of people.

Bulletins - Sponsorship of the weekly Sunday bulletin is available for $25.00. Also can be dedicated in memory of or in honor of.

Church and Community - A donation here supports the work of the Church and Community team. They are responsible for outreach within the Community and provide fellowship for the congregation. Money donated could support the website, newsletters, pastoral care, community suppers, refreshment time, following service, Community Garden and Christmas Charity drives. Church and Community also deliver flowers to shut-ins at Christmas and Easter for those who had a death in the family throughout the year.

Community Garden - Money donated supports the costs associated with the operation and maintenance of the Community Garden.

Faith Formation team - This team is responsible for worship services, Sunday school, bible study and other activities to help people with their Faith formation. Money donated could be used for worship supplies, music, communion supplies, Sanctuary decorations, technology and pulpit and/or music supply.

Food Bank - Money donated is sent directly to The Yarmouth Food Bank

Fuel Fund - Money donated is sent directly to the Yarmouth Community Fuel Fund

General - Money donated is used fir general expenses of the church, including salaries and operational costs of the church

Light and Life - During Advent, people pay $10.00 to light a Christmas light on the Christmas tree. Lights can be given in memory of or in honor of someone. The money donated supports the projects of the Ways and Means Committee.

Memorial Funds - are donated in memory of people. The funds are used to buy major items for the church, such as furniture, equipment and worship items.

Mission and Service - Funds donated are sent directly to the United Church of Canada's Mission Fund for use with our outreach projects within Canada and Mission projects throughout the world. Money from this fund is also for emergency disaster relief. Details of the work of this fund can be found at 

Observer - The observer is a magazine of the United Church of Canada. Subscriptions are available through the church for $25.00. For more information on the United Church Observer :

Refugee Support Group - Money donated is forwarded directly to the Yarmouth Refugee Support Group to assist  with providing support for sponsoring refugees in the Yarmouth are. 

Roof - The flat roof program of the church was replaced in 2014. The ways and Means Committee is still raising money to pay for this work, Contributions made go directly to the cost of the roof replacement.

Sunday School Foster Child - Each year The Sunday School sponsors a foster child through the Christian Children, s Fund. The Sunday School also uses this money to buy Christmas, birthday, and easter gifts for the foster child.

Session Fund - This is a benevolent fund used to help those in need in our local area. Requests are channeled through the church office and approved by a committee of four people.

Sunday School - Money donated to the Sunday school is used to purchase curriculum and buy supplies needed for lessons and celebrations.

UCW - Money donated to the UCW is given the United Church Women for their programming and projects.

Ways and Means - The ways and Means Committee is responsible for raising funds for the various projects in the church. Money donated to Ways and Means goes to support capital projects or the general operation of the church

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Donations are to be made to Paypal or by Check to; Beacon United Church. Please indicate in writing which Cause you wish to donate to, on your check and on Paypal as well.