Community Groups

There is seldom a day when you comeinto our building and not find something happening. This is due to the large number of community "user groups" which take advantage of Beacon's wonderful facilities. These groups are both an essential part of enabling our church to pay bills and stay open and an important form of outreach and connection with our wider community. Beacon does the best we canto provide convienient and well maintained space for a very reasonable price. If your communitty group is looking for a comfortable and welcoming space to meet please contact us for more information.

Office # 902-742-4320

More to come


1-Alcoholics Anonymous - weekly support for those in recovery using the 12 - step principals. We meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 - 9pm at Beacon; room 25/27

2-Bridge Club - Weekly games for enthusiasts (largely Seniors) we meet on Mondays and Thursday @ noon. In addition to Wednesdays @ 6pm.

3-Bridgeway Academy - Alternative School for children with various learning abilities.

4-Carpet Baggers (Hookers) - rug hooking weekly meeting Thursdays @ 10am in the Parlour.

5-Friends Losing Pounds Together - Weight support group - Wednesdays @ 9am