Beacons' History

Beacon United Church is located at 25 Beacon Street in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and serves as the only United Church in Yarmouth County.

Soon after the first English settlers landed at Chebogue in 1761 they established a house of worship which was located on Town Point Road, across from the Town Point Cemetery. These early settlers were of the Congregationalist faith. When the United Church of Canada was formed in 1925 -Yarmouth congregations of the Congregationalist, Methodist and Presbyterian faiths joined in union to become the United Church of Canada.

In 1967 the Congregations of Central United Church and Wesley United Churches in Yarmouth joined together to form Beacon United Church. Yarmouth County congregations from Port Maitland, Hebron, Arcadia, Tusket, Brenton, and Chebogue joined in to form a union of churches which came together in establishing Beacon United Church.

The church building and Christian Education Center were officially dedicated on Sunday June 25th 1967. In looking for a name for the church it was decided to call it Beacon because the name suggests "guiding light". It is hoped that the church does indeed serve as a guiding light to all within it's range. The name is in keeping with Yarmouth's heritage as a leading world seaport in the days of sail. The church is also located on one of the higher points of land within the town and by chance is located on Beacon Street.

Beacon serves as a church and education center to the entire community. The main church building is of a modified A-frame structure. It has a large sanctuary with a seating capacity of over 500. An elevated choir loft is situated at the back of the sanctuary where a Cassavant Brothers pipe organ and Carillon is located. The organ was originally located in Central United Church. The sanctuary is also adorned with stained glass windows many of which have come from both Wesley United and Central United Churches. Attached to the main church building are the church offices, choir rooms, and a chapel which hosts seating for approximately 50 people. An attached wing and education center hosts 14 classrooms, children's and adult libraries, parlor, nursery, Sunday School offices, kitchen, and a large stage and auditorium.

This facility supports the community in many capacities such as providing facilities for scouts and guide groups, self help support groups, dance classes, arts and crafts groups, community concerts, fundraising events and providing worship space for other denominations. Room rentals and auditorium rentals are also available.

Ministers of Beacon United Church

1968-1969      Robert Williams                       1985 - 1996      William D. Van Zoost                 2012 -2013 - G. Curtis MacDonald 

1968-1974      Raymond Francis                     1986 - 1991       John A.C. Wilson                        2013 - Present - Rev. Sharon M. Lohnes

1969-1972      R. Laird Sterling                        1991 - 1994      Micheal Simmons

1972-1978      George M. MacLean                  1995 - 1998      John Van Guthrie

1974-1979      Isaac Walls                                1998 - 2000    Kenley MacNeil

1978-1982      G. Curtis MacDonald                1999 - 2000     Flora L. Chrstie

1979-1995      J. Raymond Corbett                  2000 - 2010    Leslie Robinson

1982-1985     Kathryn Guthrie                        2010 - 2012      Jim Bragon